If you’re thinking about purchasing an economical, therapeutic alternative to a swimming pool, a hot tub may be a good option.  Hot tubs are a great way to unwind after a long day at work and even manage muscle soreness.  If you’re looking for an outdoor hot tub or spa that fits your needs, check out these factors and tips you should consider in your evaluation process:

Portable v. In-Ground

When deciding on whether to invest in a hot tub, you will want to look at the portability factor.  Portable hot tubs sit aboveground and are made of materials such as fiberglass, polyethylene, or acrylic, whereas in-ground hot tubs are built into your patio pr landscape.  It’s common for in-ground hot tubs to be made of stone, concrete, or tile and fit with the entire landscape of your home.

Portable hot tubs are the most popular option, as they tend to cost less and have an easier installation process than in-ground hot tubs and pools.  Although in-ground pools require a construction permit and do not feature as many ergonomic seating options or jets, they are typically more durable and blend in seamlessly with your landscaping if designed properly.


If you’re looking for a hot tub with an eclectic color or add-on, make sure to include it in your checklist when looking at hot tubs to purchase.  You can customize many higher-end hot tubs to meet your personal preferences and can even match the shell and cabinet to your patio furniture.

With increased time at home, you may want to splurge on premium audio or waterproof speakers that can be integrated into your hot tub.  It’s easy to download a mobile phone app for remote monitoring for an improved hot tub experience for you and your family.


Maintenance needs are two-fold: money and time.  It’s important to note your hot tub will require maintenance costs on top of the initial price tag, which includes the cost of heating and cleaning chemicals.  As a hot tub is smaller than a pool, monthly hot tub costs are dramatically less than pool maintenance costs.  Expect to put aside $30-50 for tub operating costs per month. We think it’s worth it for a year-round oasis!


Not quite sure about the size of hot tub you need?  Check out the placement first.  The location of your portable or in-ground hot tub will determine or cap the size of your tub.  As most hot tubs are typically six to eight feet in length, you should also accommodate extra space for tub steps, equipment, and other add-ons. Our little piece of advice: you never know when you will have a few extra guests over.  Plan ahead and order the next size up if your space allows.

In addition to space, you’ll need a level, flat surface and a control panel that runs 240V of power if you decide to purchase a portable hot tub.  A few hot tubs only require 110V household power, but these hot tubs lack the performance and durability compared to higher-quality tubs.

Shopping for a hot tub should be a fun and engaging experience for the entire family.  Check out our inventory at Blocko Pools or contact us to see what would be a good fit for you and your home.