The J-300™ Signature Collection represents the evolution of the first portable hot tub and submersible hydrotherapy pump. This technology is designed to transform a typical tub experience into an opportunity for a marvelous massage. This collection of portable hot tubs offers superior versatility, as they’re available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes to fit any lifestyle and budget. Some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs from the Jacuzzi® Brand are also included in the Signature Collection, with operating costs as low as $9/month on select models. The Signature Collection is the largest assembly of hot tubs from the Jacuzzi® Brand, meaning there’s a J-300™ hot tub for everybody. Whether you’re looking to bring the family together, entertain your friends or spend some quality time with a romantic partner, there’s a Jacuzzi® hot tub that can help make it happen.

Living in an Ontario city, like Hamilton or Toronto means you might not have as much room in your backyard as you might in a suburban realm of Kitchener or Waterloo. That’s the beauty of owning a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. The J-300™ Collection is rife with options, from standard hot tub accessories to a wide selection of tub sizes, you can make the most of your outdoor surroundings.