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Need Pool Financing?

Swimming Pool Company in Michigan

Michigan summers can get warm. When the weather gets hot and muggy like Michigan summers tend to be, children get cranky and crabby. And, let’s face it, adults do, too! What is an investment that will help make the dog days of summer enjoyable? That’s right. A Swimming Pool! Take those unhappy children and turn them into giggling, happy water sprites! As a local swimming pool company in Michigan, Blockco can help with all of your Swimming Pool needs.

  • Above Ground Pool
  • In Ground Pool
  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Accessories

Pool Safety

Have fun and be safe! This should be the number one rule at all pool sides. The following is information designed to promote and support safety awareness in and around Swimming Pool areas.

  • Adult Supervision – At least one sober adult who is not swimming should keep an eye on the pool and everyone in it.
  • Fencing – All In Ground Pools are required to be enclosed by a fence. The fence should be a minimum of 4-feet high. Check with your local building code office before proceeding to find out what kind of fencing is required. Some options may include:
    • Chain link
    • Wooden
    • Ornamental
    • Thick hedges
  • Safety Covers – A non-penetrating, mesh cover that completely covers the pool can easily be installed to prevent access to the water.
  • Alarms – Installing an alarm in or near the pool that triggers a loud sound can warn parents if a child enters the pool without permission.
  • Rope and Float Line –These can be placed across the pool to visually distinguish the deep end from the shallow end.
  • Life Ring – Life Rings or other life saving devices should be kept in plain sight and easily accessible to help assist pulling someone from the pool.
  • Emergency Information and Safety Kit – A good idea to keep in a safe, convenient location should there be an emergency.
  • Outside Telephone – If you need to call for help, an outside or cellular telephone is a good idea to keep nearby.
  • Sunscreen – Always wear sunscreen to prevent painful sunburns!