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Is your pool losing water? Is the pump not working right? It sounds like Pool Repair is in your near future. Pool Repair is a generalized term that can refer to dealing with cracks in the pool walls, tears in the lining, nonfunctioning or poor filter and pump systems, etc. Sometimes it’s not a matter of repairing your pool, but replacing a component with a new one from quality pool supply companies. Our team at Blockco is here to assist you in determining your Pool Repair needs.

Structural Repair

The three most common types of pool materials each have advantages and disadvantages. Each is susceptible to different types of damage and repair. What is your pool made of?

  • Concrete can become cracked especially if located in colder regions. Minor cracks can be fixed while larger ones may require a complete overhaul of your pool.
  • Vinyl pools are inclined to tears in the lining. Small tears can be replaced while larger tears may require the liner to be replaced. Good news is that a vinyl liner is much less expensive than overhauling a concrete pool.
  • Fiberglass is almost indestructible but can react to minerals and chemicals. This can cause discoloration that an acid wash can restore.

    Pumps and Filters

    Unless your filter or pump systems completely break down, it is sometimes unclear that they are not working properly. It may take a bit of investigation to discover the problem. Some common complications may be:

    • Perhaps it’s a matter of the pump and filter not working properly together.
    • There are times when a hose becomes clogged or damaged.
    • The pool filtration system cannot keep the water clean without the proper chemical treatments.

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