Jacuzzi® J-400™ hot tubs come in a variety of configurations including smaller 2-3 person tubs and a large 8-9 person hot tub. Monthly operating costs, spa volume, total jet count, and the number of pumps varies based on size and configuration. Each of the Jacuzzi® hot tubs in the J-400™.

Affordable to buy and to operate, J-300™ Collection hot tubs are available in several different sizes and configurations. Whether you want a hot tub for two to three people, six to seven, or somewhere in between, you’ll find the perfect balance between size, seating, and cost in a J-300™ Collection hot tub.

The Jacuzzi® hot tubs in the J-LX® Collection are roughly the same size in terms of dimensions and spa volume. However, the J-LX® is a four-seat hot tub with 36 jets, while the J-LXL®seats five people and has 38 jets. Both include three pumps and the CLEARRAY® water purification system.

Equipped with classic filtration systems and just one or two pumps depending on the model, these J-200™ hot tubs are among the most affordable hot tubs from the Jacuzzi® Brand. Though the J-200™ Collection features entry-level pricing, these Jacuzzi® hot tubs are packed with features in.