Above Ground Swimming Pools 

Not ready for the investment of an inground pool? Stop in today and we can help you create the perfect above ground swimming pool for your yard and budget!

Is it permanent?

Before deciding on the size, depth, shape or cost of a pool, you should first think about whether you are planning to stay in your home for a while. Although an Above Ground Pool is not meant to be moved, it can be. They can be taken apart carefully, boxed up and moved. The average life expectancy is 10-15 years on these pool types.


When deciding to add a pool to your property, you should consider what you like. There are so many different styles. How do you plan to use your new pool? Is it for your children to splash around and cool off in? Do you plan on entertaining guests? Time to do some research to discover what you like!

  • Go online and search pool images
  • Look at as many images as you can
  • Print out five that you like and take them shopping with you

Cost Efficiency

Choosing to install an Above Ground Pool is less costly than the in ground versions. You can purchase a soft-sided Above Ground Pool from a big box store for $200 to $800, but the quality of them will not withstand time. With Blockco’s aboveground swimming pools for sale in Michigan, you can get similar dimensions with aluminum or steel sidings for approximately $2,000 to $7,000. It will all depend on the quality, pattern of the lining and things of that nature. Also, an Above Ground Pool does not require any added landscaping like brickwork, adding a deck, or adding a walkway. You just pay the price of the pool, put it up, and you are on your way to lazy poolside days!

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