Hot tubs can be a fun addition to your home – especially in Michigan winter months – but they can be pricey.  Purchasing a pre-owned hot tub can help you save money, as long as it’s in good condition.  If you’re planning on purchasing a used hot tub, know what to consider and inspect before you buy.  Take a look at what our Blockco expert inspectors look for when looking at pre-owned hot tubs:

Always Examine In-Person

Buying online or via Zoom won’t cut it when buying a used hot tub.  Before purchasing a used tub, we always recommend examining it in-person.  It’s best to have the hot tub filled and running when you inspect, so you can ensure the jets and thermometer work properly.  If the temperature cannot reach between 100- and 104-degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll probably have to replace the heater – which can be an expensive part to replace.

Watch for Leaks

When inspecting a pre-owned hot tub in-person, keep an eye out for any dripping water or puddles around the tub.  If you do find a leak, check to see if the water is discolored.  Dark, discolored, or foamy water with no source of the leak can be difficult to fix.

Check the Shell

Make sure to inspect the hot tub shell for any cracks, blisters, or other damaged areas.  Small cracks can easily be fixed with an acrylic or PVC repair kit, but major defects cannot be repaired.  If you have any hesitations due to the hot tub shell, continue looking for your new-to-you tub.

Avoid “Sitting” Hot Tubs

An old hot tub that has not been used in a while could be a nice price – but also have a lot of problems.  It’s easy for pumps to become rusted, electrical parts to get eroded, and seals to break or clog.  If the hot tub has been left unused for several seasons and years, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Have Installation Measures in Place

As new hot tubs typically come with delivery, set-up, and installation, this is not always the case with used hot tubs.  If you plan on buying a used hot tub, make sure you have a way to transport and install it.

Understand the Lack of Warranty

Most used hot tubs won’t come with a warranty.  Before you begin browsing on Craigslist or shopping around at your local hot tub store, ask about an associated warranty for the hot tub.  Some hot tub companies provide a limited warranty on used products; but it’s important to know you will likely have to pay out-of-pocket if something breaks.