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The J-365: The perfect hot tub for evening entertainment in your perfect backyard oasis with enough space for up to seven adults to soak. Skip the nightlife and laze the night away in the luxurious J-365 Jacuzzi® portable hot tub. Experience the PowerPro® Therapy Seat, plentiful PowerPro® Jets, including FX Jets, and jetted foot dome guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate as it spoils your muscles from the top of your neck to the bottom of your feet. This is your new alternative to evening entertainment.

The J-365 is equipped with features such as Jacuzzi®’s ProLite LED lighting system, sensual and soothing Water Rainbow® waterfall feature, cup holders, and headrest pillows round out this spacious hot tub. It has centrally located footmound equipped with PowerPro® jets share the experience. Its stylish design will transform the backyard into your own all-inclusive resort. Invite six of your friends to join you for a night in – instead of a night out. The J-365 can be ordered in a variety of textures and finishes in both the ProEndure UV resistant cabinetry material and the Jacuzzi® TriFusion System acrylic shell.

Seating Capacity: 6-7 
Dimensions: 84 in x 91 in x 38 in 
Jets: 44 
Lounge: NO



Seating Capacity: 6-7 Adults
Dimensions: 84 in x 91 in x 38 in / 214 cm x 231 cm x 97 cm
Average Spa Volume: 440 US gal. / 1,666 Liters
Dry Weight: 868 lbs. / 394 kg
Total Filled Weight: 5,038 lbs. / 2,285 kg
Pump 1: North America 1 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (4.8 brake hp)
International 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp (3.0 brake hp)
Pump 2: North America 1 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (4.8 brake hp)
International 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp (2.6 brake hp)
Circulation Pump: Yes
Diverter Valves : 2


Water Purification System: CLEARRAY®
Filtration: ProClarity™ Filtration System, Skimming Weir, and ProCatch Bag
Filters: 1 – ProClarity™ 60 sq ft.cartridge filter (circ)
1 – ProClear® 60 sq ft.cartridge filter (hydro)


Electrical North America: 240V 60 Hz @ 40A, 50A or 60A
Electrical International: 230-240V 50 Hz @ 20A, 30A or 40A


Cabinetry: Brazilian Teak, Roasted Chestnut, Silverwood
Shell: Porcelain, Sandstone, Platinum, Silver Pearl, Sahara, Desert Sand, Opal, Caribbean Surf, Midnight, Monaco


Total Jets: 44
PowerPro® NX2: 4
PowerPro® FX: 19
PowerPro® FX Small: 8
PowerPro® FX Large: 3
PowerPro® FX Large Rotational: 3
PowerPro® FX Rotational: 4
PowerPro® MX: 3

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