Blockco would like to share some Inground Pool Designs to Consider for 2022. As we approach hot summer days, it’s time to create your ideal space right in the comfort of your own backyard.  Whether you already have an in-ground pool or are looking to install one before the summer season hits, check out the top in-ground pool designs in Michigan and see which one fits your style:

All-Glass Tile Pools

Choosing mosaic glass to finish your pool is a dream come true.  Available in many colors, shades, and opaqueness, it’s easy to create an ocean-wave feel to your in-ground pool finish.  Between its aesthetic appeal and durability, it’s a no-brainer why homeowners are investing in this trend when finishing an in-ground pool.

Fire and Water Features

If you’re looking to bring island vibes to your in-ground pool this year, you should consider adding fire and water features to your in-ground pool design.  Most pool owners have either fire or water features but combining them brings a touch of sophistication and tranquility.  The best thing about this trend: you can install these features without a major renovation, saving you time and money.

LED Lighting

Let’s be real – LED lighting will never go out of style.  Just because the sun goes down does not mean your pool time fun has to end.  Simply install LED light around the rim of your pool, add a few floating pool lights, and sync them to your favorite playlist.  You’re guaranteed to have plenty of after-hours fun.

Swim-up Bars

As soon as resorts popularized swim-up bars, they started showing up in residential in-ground pool designs.  We love this trend because it combines water, entertainment – and of course, ice-cold beverages.  Plus, adding a swim-up bar to your backyard is simple and affordable.  All you need is a countertop installed on the pool’s perimeter and a set of in-water pool stools.  Let the summer parties begin!

In-Pool Furniture

The only thing better than lounging on your poolside deck is lounging in your in-ground pool.  With sleek, contoured in-ground furniture available on the market, it’s easy to make this dream a reality.  Just pick what kind of in-pool furniture you’re looking to add to your pool – stools and chairs and loungers, oh my!

No matter if you have an in-ground pool or are looking to add one to your backyard this summer, the experts at Blockco Pools are here to exceed all your design needs. A family-owned business since 1981, we understand how much an in-ground pool can bring friends and family together.

Contact us at Blockco Pools today to get a head start on the new in-ground pool trends for 2022.