Outdoor Furniture
Families are spending more time outdoors and want to bring the comforts of home with them. Decks and patios have become a place to entertain and spend quality family time or a place to relax after a long day at work.

Outdoor Furniture

 What better way to spruce up your sanctuary than by adding some Outdoor Furniture? Come see what we have to offer you at Blockco.

What is Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor Furniture oftentimes consists of a table and four to six chairs. Usually a parasol, or umbrella, is centered in a hole located in the middle of the table. Long chairs, or chaise lounges, are another form of furniture that one will frequently see. Patio heaters have also become common additions allowing you to sit outside at night or in colder weather.


Outdoor Furniture can be made from many different materials. You must consider what elements your furniture will endure before deciding on the material it will be made of. Some of the more common materials are listed below:

  • Plastic – Naturally waterproof and can endure the elements year round.
  • Wood – As it endures the elements, it will occasionally need to be treated.
  • Aluminum – Tough and long lasting, but if the coating becomes compromised, it will corrode.
  • Wicker – Usually made from recycled plastic and is very durable, often lasting for 20 years.
  • Teak – Naturally contains silica which is resistant to fungal decay, effects of water, chemicals, fire, acid and alkalis.
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