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As we gear up for colder fall and winter weather, you might be thinking a hot tub might allow for fun – and warm – outdoor activities.  But do you know all the health benefits associated with relaxing in a hot tub?  Read on to learn more about the benefits of soaking in a hot tub this fall:

Stress Relief

If you’ve ever looked forward to relaxing in a hot tub during vacation or at a friend’s house – you’re not alone.  One of the most obvious benefits of owning a hot tub is it makes you feel good.  Studies show hot tubs can increase blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved cognitive functions and mental clarity.  Simply sit back – relax – and let the warm water and jets sooth your mind.

Pain Relief

In addition to stress relief, hot tubs are known for pain relief – from muscle relaxation, all the way to pain management.  By using hydrotherapy to relax tense muscles, joints, and tendons, it’s easy to take weight off your body and improve range of motion.  Whether you’re looking to reduce your risk of injury or manage pain through hydrotherapy, relaxing a hot tub will help you to do all of this and more.

Improved Sleep Habits

Having a difficult time sleeping?  According to research, hydrotherapy can help you drift into a more restful sleep.  Taking a 15-minute soak in your hot tub prior to going to bed enables your body temperature to rise and then drop rapidly, which aids in a better night’s sleep.  With 30% of the nation suffering from insomnia, we welcome you to try a natural remedy by regularly using a hot tub.

Beauty Benefits 

Not surprisingly, warm water and steam from a hot tub opens pores and improves circulation.  This helps to reduce skin impurities and increase elasticity in your skin.  When it comes to hair, increased circulation and blood flow aid in hair follicle rejuvenation, allowing you to show off those luscious locks!

Overall Health Benefits

Investing in a hot tub will not just improve your peace of mind, it has potential to significantly improve your overall health.  Just a few of these overall health benefits include:

  • Weight loss & calories burn – Hot tubs can aid in increased metabolism and help hot tub goers to burn nearly 70 calories per hour – just relaxing!
  • Decreased diabetic symptoms – Regularly using a hot tub is known to help increase insulin sensitivity, helping Type 1 and 2 diabetes to better manage their diabetes.
  • Improved kidney function – Some research suggests warm water immersion and hydrotherapy improves kidney functionality.
  • Better respiratory system functionality – Immersion therapy can also improve pulmonary health. The warm water from a hot tub increases circulation and blood flow, which directly impacts breathing and respiratory functionality.

Interested in learning more about what hot tub is right for you?  Contact out expert team at Blockco Pools and check out our inventory.  We have a wide range of hot tubs at affordable prices to fit in your budget.