Like we mentioned in our last post, hot tub installation in the fall and winter is extremely common.  Along with great weather for the above-ground hot tub installation crew, there are many other factors that play into winter installations.  Learn about how jacuzzi hot tubs are becoming more popular than ever before and some of the reasons why you should consider putting one on your wish list this holiday season:

Winter Activities

Although many would say summer is the time to make a hot tub or jacuzzi purchase, others would arguably say winter is the time to enjoy your jacuzzi spa treatment.  If you are looking for the perfect winter aesthetic with slow-rising steam and a comfortable contrast between cold and warm, look no further than the winter hot tub experience.  You certainly will not regret it!

Seasonal Savings

Hot tub and jacuzzi sales start as early as October and go through March.  In fall and winter months, spa retailers look to clear their current inventory to get ready for new hot tub and jacuzzi models in the spring.  Additionally, retailers are looking to get rid of inventory to make sure they do not pay for interest on unsold hot tub units.  Because of this, it is easy to get great deals on existing inventory and in-stock, warehouse inventory spas.  And before you say ‘yes’ to the hot tub, make sure to check with representatives about special promotions and holiday sales.

Health Benefits
New winter activities and seasonal savings are great, but did you know all the great health benefits that come out of owning a hot tub or jacuzzi?  With Michigan winters being especially grey and stressors like seasonal affective disorder (SAD) on the rise, soaking in a hot tub can help you relieve stress, lose weight, and sleep better.

To help reduce holiday stress, you can use your new jacuzzi to lower your blood pressure, alleviate inflammation, and burn the same amount of calories as a 30-minute walk (without the need to face the bitter cold, mind you)!

Blockco Jacuzzi Collection

Blockco carries a wide selection of hot tubs and jacuzzies, available for show in the showroom.  No matter the collection or spa type, Blockco is here for your needs and can help you determine which spa meets your style, must-have features, and budget.  We also provide pool financing through Paramount Capital, so your dream of easily owning a hot tub can become a reality

Blockco is a family-owned business and has been in the industry for nearly 40 years.  We are known for our personal service over competitors and pride ourselves in best-in-class customer satisfaction.  Whether you have questions about specific hot tub products or are still discovering if purchasing a new hot tub is right for you, our expert team is ready to discuss with you.  Visit our website or give us a call at (833) 999-1605 to get in contact with a spa expert, so we can help guide your decision making.