As summer approaches, the idea of being able to cool off in a swimming pool in your own backyard is undoubtedly poking around your brain. If you think you’re ready for a pool, then install it now before summer hits. While many say that fall is the best time to install a pool, spring is an excellent time, too, especially now and in light of the economy. According to Visually, if you’re like the average American, you’re going to swim in a pool six times this year. If you install an inground pool in spring, then you can increase that number while staying home. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of getting a pool before summer.

It’ll Be Ready Before the Weather Gets Hot

If you install the pool now, then it’ll be ready before hot weather really takes hold. If you wait until fall, then you won’t have the pool during hot weather, which is why it’s there! Inground pool installers will be able to do the work before or at the end of summer, but you won’t be able to enjoy the pool immediately if you have it installed later.

You Can Beat the Rush

You’re not the only one thinking of adding a pool, so you’re almost certainly not the only one deciding to call inground pool installers now. If you get the pool in spring, then you can beat the rush of people who thought they could go another year without one but decided during summer that the heat was too ridiculous. You’ll have more choices for appointment times, and the work can be done much sooner after you call. If you wait until summer, then you’ll find appointment times filled up.

You Can Get Better Pricing During the Off-Season

By getting a pool installed before summer, you can get it during the off-season, which means there may be a better price. Usually, prices tend to go up at the beginning of the year as the pool season approaches. As summer gets closer and closer, you may be seeing an increase in price for supplies and services because pools are becoming more in demand.

Inground pool installers can take a look at your yard and find a configuration for the pool that will leave room for greenery while still allowing you to have a spacious swimming area. Call today to start discussing pricing and prepare your yard for a cool, refreshing swimming pool.