An inground pool can be a great asset to your property. If it isn’t properly secured, though, it can also prove to be a huge liability. According to the experts at Fact File, only about 40% of Americans know how to swim, which means that having a pool on your property could pose a risk to visitors and children. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider adding fencing to your backyard pool.

Tragedies Do Happen

It’s easy to think that pool tragedies only happen to other people. However, it’s reported that 83 private pool drownings involving children under five years of age occurred between July 2002 and June 2015, per Royal Life. Drownings do happen, which is why pool owners must be vigilant concerning pool safety.

Owners Are Liable

Beyond the obvious danger and trauma of a pool drowning, property owners should also be aware that if someone is harmed or drowns in their pool, they are held liable. Property owners carry the responsibility of providing a safe pool environment. If someone is harmed, you could be sued.

Legal Consequences Are Possible

Depending on where you live, there could also be legal consequences for those who don’t have a fence surrounding their pool. If you’re considering inground pool installation, you’ll need to research the legal requirements for pool owners in your area. If you fail to have proper fencing installed, you could face legal consequences.

Animals and Trespassers Are Important to Consider

Another reason to have a fence installed is that animals could gain access to your pool. Animals such as cats, dogs, foxes, and even other larger animals could get into your pool area if a fence does not protect it. This could lead to damage and contamination of your outdoor space.

Don’t underestimate the lure of your sparkling pool when it comes to trespassers, too. Without a fence protecting your pool, unwanted guests might feel free to make themselves at home and go for a swim. There is a real risk of this happening, especially if you’re away from home for a period.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider having a fence installed around your inground pool. If you’re looking for reliable pool installation and fencing services in your area, please contact our team at Blockco today!