After winterizing your pool for the fist time, may people ask themselves: When will I be able to open my in-ground pool again?  Although it may be a few months before you can enjoy your pool again, closing and opening your pool at the right time is important.

If you have not winterized your pool yet, look at our simple checklist for what we recommend you do. It might seem like an odd time to start thinking about opening your pool, but many pool owners debate when the optimal time is to open an in-ground pool.  To hear our recommendations, read on!

Opening Your Pool

Living in Michigan, we have some pretty unpredictable weather, so there is no definitive date to open your pool.  The best thing to do when you are thinking about opening your pool is to check the weather and its consistency.  We recommend opening your pool once temperatures consistently hit 70 degrees or higher.  Although swimming in 70-degree weather is not ideal, this type of weather promotes algae growth.  If you have a mesh cover on your pool, this can be problematic if your pool’s water gets too much sunlight.  The bottom line: you should be thinking about opening your pool even before the ideal temperature, and it is easy to get the filter and pump systems running to prevent algae growth and pollen collection.

Heated v. Non-Heated Pools

When looking at the nuances between opening a heated and non-heated pool, the consensus generally remains the same.  Colder temperatures still have an impact on a heated pool, so it is still ideal to wait for consistent 70-degree weather before deciding to open up a heated pool.

Other Considerations

Weather is not the only factor in deciding whether to open your pool or not.  Along with weather, take a look a look at these other considerations when Michigan weather becomes nicer again:

  • Expenses – If you open a pool too late, this can lead to the need for extra cleaning and maintenance before people can swim in it – which means more money. Make sure to consider the cost of chemicals to prepare your pool for swimming.
  • Aesthetic – Many pool owners love the way their pool adds to the yard’s aesthetic. By keeping your in-ground pool covered, this can prevent your home and yard looking as nice as it could wit the pool open.
  • Use – A general rule of thumb, you should open your pool between 3-4 weeks before you intend to start swimming in it, no matter what type of pool you maintain. This ensures safe water to swim in.

Our experts at Blocko Pools are here to help your with your pool needs.  If you have questions about winterizing your pool or what to do when you open it back up again, give us a call at (833) 999-1605 to get the conversation started.  We would be happy to walk through any pool-related questions you may have to make sure your pool is clean and safe to use come summer time.