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After a long, cold winter, it’s no wonder why homeowners want to open their pools after the first summer weather tease!  You’re not the only one daydreaming of summer days by the pool, children playing with pool noodles, and weekend grilling.  But when is the best time to open your pool – April, May, maybe even June?  Here is everything you need to know if you own an inground pool in Michigan:

The Answer:  It Depends

Warm temperatures can take a turn for the cold quickly.  Because of this, we tell our customers the temperature consistency matters more than the actual month.  When Michigan is experiencing consistent temperatures of ~60 degrees, there’s a high likelihood it’s time to open the pool.  You can always check for new greenery and flower buds to confirm your pool opening day – which is usually somewhere between mid-April and early June.

Tips & Tricks for Poop Opening Day

Although time-consuming, opening your pool is a straightforward process.  However, there are a few common mistakes that can be avoided:

  • Not Cleaning Your Pool Deck and Cover – There’s no doubt your pool deck and cover have collected a lot of debris over the past 6 months. Make sure to get rid of that debris before you start opening your pool, so it doesn’t end up in the water.
  • Forgetting About Pool Filters – Prior to turning on your pump, ensure the pressure gauge and drain cap are in place on the filter. These small pieces are easily misplaced, so don’t forget where you store them year after year.
  • Ignoring Pool Chemical Levels – We could probably dedicate an entire blog post to chemical levels alone. You should first adjust alkalinity and pH, and then move onto calcium hardness and cyanuric acid levels.  It’s also important to read your pool’s manual so you use the right amount of chemicals for a shock before summer fun.

Help!  I’m Not Sure How to Open My Pool

As we near pool opening day in Michigan, remind yourself it doesn’t need to be stressful.  Advanced planning can go a long way, and the experts at Blockco Pools are at your service if you need pool opening assistance.  From cleaning your pool deck to maintaining its cleanliness throughout the summer, our experts take all the stress out of inground pool ownership – and then some.

If you’re interested in having a few helping hands for your opening day, give us a call.  Our schedule for opening pools tends to fill quickly, so make sure to book your spot today.  Summer is just around the corner.