If you’re thinking about installing a swimming pool, you may be trying to decide what time of year would be best to have your new pool installed. There are benefits and drawbacks to each season, so take these factors into consideration when you’re making the decision of when to work with your local inground pool installers.


You may not think of winter as a good time of year to get a pool installed, but it’s still a possible time. However, since it’s not the most popular time, your swimming pool contractors are more likely to have more availability in their schedules to work on your project. You will have to factor in possible delays due to inclement weather as well if you decide to opt for a winter installation.


Spring is oftentimes when homeowners think of installing a swimming pool if they want it to be completely installed for the summer. Because a lot of homeowners share this thought process, it means many contractors will have busier schedules and construction may take longer. If you opt for a spring installation, make sure to get in contact with potential contractors early.


Summer is the time of year when you’re likely to have a pool installation on your mind the most, and swimming pool builders’ schedules reflect that. If you want to have your pool installed in the summer, you’ll end up with only a small portion of the season to actually use your pool. Make sure to contact your swimming pool builders early because they will probably have a busy schedule, especially since they’ll be finishing up some spring projects in early summer.


Getting your swimming pool installed in the fall is a great option. Not only will your builder likely have a clearer schedule, but in many areas of the country the fall is when you should be planting landscaping grasses, so you won’t have to deal with the eyesore of the construction site for long.

If you’re thinking of joining the 10.4 million homeowners with swimming pools and you’re trying to figure out the best time of year to have your pool installed, you should take these factors into account. Whether you want a convenient time or a contractor with more time dedicated to your project, you can take these factors into account when making your decision.