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There are a lot of steps that go into installing an in-ground fiberglass pool, and that’s why many hire an expert pool company to install it!  If you’re thinking about spicing up your summer with a new Michigan pool, check out the process on how to install one below:

Step 1: Prepping the site

Before you make a dent, it’s important to obtain the proper permits when installing an in-ground fiberglass pool.  If you are working with a pool company like Blocko Pools, this will not be a problem, as the experts take care of the necessary permits and paperwork.  Along with this, identification of hidden utilities that may interfere with the project is key for a seamless installation.  Once any interfering utilities are marked and permits are obtained, the excavation site is prepped by establishing the pool deck’s finish grade and outlining its dimensions.  This is usually done with spray paint or a pre-fabricated template.  After the outline is complete, it’s time to move forward with the project!

Step 2: Excavating & setting

Once the pool’s outline is set, a big excavator is brought in to do a majority of the digging.  The outline must be followed to ensure a “tight” pool fit.  Typically, the excavator will dig out dirt just beyond the outline of the pool and the bottom of the area is dug slightly deeper than necessary to account for fill material at the end of the of the process.

To set the pool, a crane is used with lifting straps for level application.  At the same time, a daylight drain is installed to help with hydrostatic pressure balancing.  It’s not uncommon for both of these procedures to take several attempts, and you can expect this phase to take up to ~3 days setting completion.

Step 3: Water Filling

Adding water and backfill is an important third step in the process of installing an in-ground fiberglass pool.  First, the pool is “locked-in” by placing gravel or sand around the bottom of the pool; then, the pool is filled with ~6 inches of water.  This process in continued until the entire pool is filled to ensure equal pressure on both sides of the pool’s walls.

At this time, the pool builder will also install plumbing fittings and pressure test the pool and its lines for leaks.  Other features – such as lights – can also be installed before the backfill is complete.

Step 4: Plumbing & electrical installation

Along with basic plumbing fittings installed in the water filling process, an expert pool builder will hook up the pump, filet, heater, and electrical lighting.  All of these items are typically held in an equipment pad.

Step 5: Finishing the final touches

You guessed it right…the final step is pouring the concrete!  Once poured and set, the process can take between 2-3 days to finalize.  As the concrete cures, the construction team will clean up the site and test the pool to ensure it’s working properly. Oh, what summer fun!

Still interested in an in-ground fiberglass pool but want to leave it to the experts?  Call your local Blockco Pools expert today, so we can help your pool vision come to life!