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So, you’ve decided to purchase a new spa for your home before the winter season ends – great!  But you’re not exactly sure about hot tub care and even the ideal water temperature in Michigan.  If you need further clarity on the best water temperature for your outdoor hot tub, you’ve come to the right place.  Take a look at these expert tips on ideal and safe temperatures for relaxing in your new spa:

Ideal Temperature for Relaxing

Hot tub temperatures typically range from 90-104 degrees Fahrenheit, but most hot tub owners think the best water temperature is between 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Factors such as weather and season can also result in slight differences in the perfect hot tub temperature for relaxing.  For example, in Michigan winters, many hot tub owners increase the temperature.  It’s not uncommon for hot tubs to reach 102-104 degrees Fahrenheit in cold winter months.  On the flip side, consider reducing a hot tub’s water temperature in summer months.  Keeping your hot tub 98 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in the summer can be both relaxing and refreshing.

Safe Hot Tub Temperatures

Dependent on age, health, and preferences, you may like your hot tub colder or hotter than the average hot tuber.  However, it’s important to be safe while relaxing in a hot tub – and safety starts with the water temperature.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends refraining from exceeding water temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, since temperatures of over 106 degrees can lead to heat stroke.  Most hot tubs and spas will not allow you to set a temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit for this reason.

For kids, older adults, and women that are pregnant, we recommend the following:

  • For kids – It’s recommended that hot tub temperatures do not exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit when young children are enjoying the benefits of a hot tub. It’s also a good idea to limit time in the hot tub to 15 minutes and have seats in the hot tub that are not as deep as other areas for children to sit.
  • For older adults – Adults that live with health conditions, such as heard problems, should consult with their PCP before using a hot tub or spa.
  • When pregnant – Women that are pregnant should also consult with their doctor before using a hot tub. In addition, make sure the temperature does not exceed 101 degrees Fahrenheit and limit time in the hot tub to 15-30 minutes.

There is no right or wrong answer for the perfect hot tub water temperature, so make sure to test out different hot tub temperatures.  Using a hot tub is about relaxation and enjoyment.  Once you’ve found your ideal water temperature, you can unlock all the benefits of owning a spa.

If you’re interested in purchasing a hot tub or spa and have further questions about specific products, reach out to your local pool experts at Blockco.  We offer the best quality hot tubs for you and your family and are here to help you identify the best spa for your needs.