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There are many types of inground pools, but which one is the best for you?  Fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete all have pros and cons, and depending on your needs, a fiberglass pool may be the best option for you and your home.  From durability to home value, learn the benefits of investing in a fiberglass pool before choosing one pool type over another:


If you’re looking for an inground pool option that will likely outlive both you and your home, look no further than a fiberglass pool.  Although cement is the most durable type of pool, fiberglass pools are easier to install, clean, and maintain.  Provided you perform annual maintenance on your fiberglass pool, it’s not uncommon for these pools to last 50+ years.

Low Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, maintaining a fiberglass pool is extremely easy – and affordable.  Since the gelcoat is non-porous, fiberglass pools are resistant to algae growth and won’t negatively react with common pool chemicals.  You can say goodbye to hours spent balancing chemicals and scrubbing pool walls – and more time relaxing in your new pool.

Lower Lifetime Cost

A fiberglass pool may cost a little more upfront, but over time, you actually save money.  Similar to how fiberglass pools require minimal ongoing maintenance, these pools do not require other costly treatments – like acid washing, resurfacing, and pool liner replacement.  In fact, the average 10-year pool cost projection for a fiberglass pool is three times less than a vinyl pool and over six times less than a concrete pool.  That’s major cost savings!

Fast Installation

Wanted a pool installed yesterday?  Installing a fiberglass pool is one of the quickest processes in comparison to other inground pool options.  Fiberglass pool molds arrive at your home ready-to-install and takes anywhere from three to six weeks for full installation.  Considering a cement pool typically takes four to six months to install, a fiberglass pool is the best option if you’re looking for some fun in the sun sooner rather than later.

Increased Home Value

Along with curbside – or backyard – appeal, fiberglass pools can increase the value of your home by up to 7%.  Since vinyl pools are not viewed as being permanent, they do not often contribute to a higher home value.  Fiberglass and concrete pools almost always increase your home’s value, which varies by home and region.

Need help determining if a fiberglass pool is right for you?  We welcome you to speak with one of our pool representatives at Blockco Pools.  Blockco has been a family-owned business since 1981, serving the Greater Detroit area.  We aim to provide great customer service, paired with quality products, so you’re satisfied with your purchase.