With vinyl-lined pools being durable and affordable, they are the most popular pool types on the market – and for good reason.  If you’re looking to purchase a pool once the winter season is over, consider these benefits of vinyl-lined pools:

The Most Affordable Pool on the Market

If you’re looking for an affordable pool for your home, a vinyl-lined pool fits the bill.  Vinyl-lined pools are significantly less than other pool types, such as fiberglass and concrete.  The start-up and maintenance costs of vinyl are also extremely low in comparison to other pool types.  At the end of the day, you’ll spend about $10,000 less than a fiberglass pool for upfront costs, making it a cost-effective starter pool for you and your family.

Quick and Easy to Install

We know this to be true: once nice weather hits, you will want to spend all your time outside – and why not make it in a brand-new pool? One of the best things about vinyl-lined pools is they are quick and easy to install.  While a concrete pool may take up to 2 months to install, a vinyl-lined pool can be complete in less than 4 weeks.  Don’t spend half of your summer planning and installing a pool other than a vinyl-lined pool!

Minimal Maintenance During the Summer Months

You’ll be glad to hear that vinyl-lined pools require little to no maintenance, especially in the summer months.  Outside of the typical chemical and energy usage, you’ll have to replace your vinyl liner every 8-10 years, costing ~$4,000.  But in comparison to long-term concrete maintenance, you’ll save thousands of dollars.  Additionally, vinyl-lined pools are less vulnerable than concrete to colder climates, making it the #1 choice for homeowners in Michigan and Midwest region.

Unique Designs to Fit Your Preferences

The design possibilities are endless when you choose a vinyl-lined pool.  Vinyl pools can be designed prior to making the liner mold, making it possible to create any design to fit your property perfectly.  Want to add a spill-over spa or tanning ledge?  Your pool company can manufacture a unique design that covers all your preferences.  And the best part – your vinyl-lined pool can be changed by simply ordering a new vinyl liner.

Final Pros & Cons

With low upfront costs, minimal maintenance, and a design that fits your exact needs, it’s difficult to go wrong with a vinyl-lined pool.  Although the vinyl-liners must be replaced every 10 years and there is a slightly higher lifetime costs than fiberglass pools, a vinyl-lined pool is still a good option if you need something that’s affordable upfront and are a first-time pool owner.

Looking to purchase your first vinyl-lined pool but don’t know where to start?  Contact our pool experts at Blockco Pools, located in Mount Pleasant, MI.  We have one of the largest pool collections and are happy to walk you through the pros and cons of vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete pools.