As summer comes to a close, it’s time to act on that pool installation you’ve always wanted.  Now is a great time to shop around for an in-ground pool in Michigan, since many contractors offer end-of-summer discounts.  But before you decide to contact your local pool company, make sure you know the right questions to ask:

What materials do I want to use?

Deciding you want a pool is the first step, but do you know what materials you want to use?  There are three popular types: concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass.  All have unique pros and cons, but here is a quick breakdown:

  • Concrete – The most popular (and expensive) of the three pool, concrete gives you the ability to truly customize your pool, and the durability is unmatched.
  • Fiberglass – As fiberglass pools are factory-molded, customization is limited, and initial costs can be somewhat high. However, if you want a pool that can be installed within the week, fiberglass is your best bet. And the lifetime cost of this pool is by far the least of all three most popular material types.
  • Vinyl – These type of pools are created in a one-piece liner, so customization is limited, but cost and installation time make up for it. The average vinyl pool can be installed in 1-3 weeks and initial costs are considerably lower than both concrete and fiberglass materials.

Is my yard even suitable for an in-ground pool?

While most yards are suitable for an in-ground pool, there are instances in which you may want to re-think beginning that initial construction.  Before beginning the build, many pool experts recommend that a solid test be conducted to confirm suitability.  Certain factors such as sand or rock – and even a high-water table – can add on significant costs or barriers to building your dream in-ground pool.

Make sure to ask about the trifecta: space, soil, and water table.  Your local in-ground pool expert will know the right tests to conduct before starting excavation.

So, what’s the deal with maintenance?

If you thought you could get away without any kind of pool maintenance – think again.  No pool is maintenance-free, but if you plan correctly, you can drastically reduce the amount of time and money spent on maintenance.

Out of concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pool types, concrete requires the most maintenance since this material is most porous.  This is not a bad thing, as concrete pools offer other pros. However, if you are looking for low-maintenance pool materials, look in the direction of non-porous fiberglass and vinyl materials.

Where should I go to get more information on in-ground pools?

Before making a final decision, it’s best to speak with a pool expert, so you can get all your questions answered before starting the installation.  Our experts at Blocko Pools are here to help your with your pool needs.  Give us a call at (833) 999-1605 to get the conversation started!