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Everyone loves a good hot tub, and the fact they can be used year-round is a plus.  If you’re thinking a spa is much needed in your backyard, we can help you out with that.  But first, make sure you know the right questions to ask during your search:

How much will a hot tub cost me?

Everyone always wants to know how to factor in cost for a big purchase like a hot tub.  The answer is: it depends.  Luxury jacuzzi and salt water hot tubs range from $11,000 to $16,000+ upfront.  A quality hot tub is an investment, and several factors drive the cost of a jacuzzi hot tub up or down, including size, features, quality, and design.  There are hot tubs below the $11,000 price range, but just know you may have a lower quality tub or it may be made out of cheaper material.

Don’t forget about cost of installation when choosing to purchase a hot tub!  Since most spas require a 220-volt electrical outlet, you may need a licensed electrician to set it up if not using a plug-and-play hot tub.

How much is upkeep on a monthly basis?

All hot tubs have different efficiencies.  The lower the efficiency, the more you pay in maintenance costs.  If you are interested in an energy efficient spa, you can ask the dealer to show you hot tubs that feature full foam installation, which helps maintain water temperature.  You can also reduce your utility bill by saving on hot tub energy costs; here are a few tips:

  • Use a spa cover when your jacuzzi is not in use
  • Build windbreaks around your jacuzzi
  • Turn down the thermostat during the workday or when you are on vacation
  • Replace your filter cartridges frequently

How much time should I set aside for maintenance?

There is some maintenance required with a jacuzzi hot tub, but it is manageable.  Instead of a daily or weekly cleaning, it’s recommended that you drain and refill your jacuzzi every three months.  In addition, make sure to check the pH, alkalinity, and hardness of your water regularly to ensure the best hot tub experience.  Along with these recommendations and making sure the general spa area is tidy, showering before use will help keep your spa is clean.

Will I get to use out my hot tub in Michigan winters?

Using a hot tub in the winter is something many people enjoy.  A soak after a long day is a great way to spend a colder winter night.  Do not be afraid to soak in your jacuzzi during Michigan snow days!  If you do decide to try the winter hot tubbing experience, make sure to cover your spa properly; spas with a locking thermal cover and foam installation keep the water warm year-round.

Let us know what type of spa experience you envision, and one of our spa experts will work with you to make it a reality.  We cannot wait to work with you!