According to data from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), there are over 10 million residential swimming pools in the United States. Many Michigan homeowners not only have a pool but work each year to keep that pool healthy, clean, and vibrant. Let’s delve into ways to maintain your swimming pool and how your Michigan pool company that sells pool supplies and offers quality swimming pool installation can assist.

Make Sure to Remove Leaves and Debris Daily

As you work to maintain your wonderful swimming pool, you want to make sure that you remove the leaves, tree branches, pollen, and other debris from the pool daily. You may have the most wonderful landscape for your pool complete with surrounding trees. However, those trees will have leaves that’ll blow and fall off into your swimming pool on a daily basis. You want to consider investing in a durable swimming pool leaf skimmer to remove those leaves that make their way into your pool on a regular basis.

Clean the Pool Filter

Another tip in helping to maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool is to clean that pool filter. A dirty one can have the most dramatic effect on a pool when it comes to water circulation. If the water is not able to circulate, then this can lead to cloudy, gray, green, or even brown-looking swimming pool water. You may experience discolored water despite your chemical levels being normal.

Once the water passes through the pool filter, there are millions of tiny debris and particles that adhere or cling to the filter. The accumulation of these particles can lead to a slow and sluggish pump that’s not able to do its job. As your experienced and qualified Michigan inground pool installers, we can help educate you about various kinds of swimming pool filters as well as the unique pool cleaning process.

Checking the Pool’s pH Levels

An additional tip for maintaining your swimming pool and keeping it healthy is to monitor and check its pH levels daily. The pH level is a measure of the amount of acidity of the swimming pool water. The pH scale begins at zero and ends at 14, with a pH reading of seven being neutral.

If you find that your pH is above seven, the pool water is basic. Should you have a pH level that reads below seven, then the water is acidic. You want to aim to have your pH levels be between 7.2 and 7.6. For any issues with the acidity of your swimming pool water, you can certainly connect with us, your most trusted Michigan swimming pool company. We can come to your home and investigate why your pool’s acidity is high and what can be done to remedy the issue.

Check the Pool’s Water Level

While you work to maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool, you also want to take the time to check the pool’s water levels. Swimming pools can lose water through use and evaporation. So, you want to be cognizant of the pool’s water levels. Should the water in your swimming pool be too low, then the skimmer may bottom out and consequently suck air into your swimming pool’s filter system. A simple fill-up of water from your garden hose for a few moments is the easiest way to refill your swimming pool fast.

Shocking Your Swimming Pool

Shocking your swimming pool is the process of removing chloramines or chlorine molecules from your pool water. You can also shock a pool to remove bacteria and any excess bather waste after seeing any visible algae in your swimming pool water or even after heavy pool use.

For the best inground pool installation and maintenance, trust your Mount Pleasant, MI swimming pool company. We also offer hot tub installation, fencing, and more. Summer in Michigan can be one of the most glorious times of the year. Connect with us for quality swimming pool installation, maintenance, and more for awesome outdoor living.