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Inground pool contractors are very busy people. Here in Michigan, we see wonderful summers that are perfect for an inground pool. When it comes to getting the best deal as well as the best inground pool, there are some questions that you want to ask your Michigan inground pool installer. Let’s explore some of those questions you want to ask your Michigan pool company before any contract is signed and any kind of work begins.

Are There Any Challenges That You Will Face With My Area?

Data shows that of the 10.6 million swimming pools in the country, 50.6% of those pools are inground pools while 47.1% are above ground. Additionally, 2.9% of those swimming pools are commercial pools.

Every backyard is unique and may further present a few challenges when it comes to inground pool installation. Therefore, you want to discuss those challenges with your Michigan inground pool installer. They should be able to provide you with the particulars about any obstacles that may affect your pool installation process.

How Will You Safeguard My Pool From Brutal Michigan Winters?

Just as Michigan has wonderful summers that are perfect for pool parties, Michigan is a state that is known for harsh winters. There’s snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, and more that make it a perilous time of year for residents. So, you want to ask your Michigan inground pool installer how they will safeguard your inground pool against the brutality of Michigan winter elements.

Your reputable Michigan swimming pool company should be able to explain how your inground pool will be kept safe. You also want to find out what methods they will use to prevent corrosion of any of the pool’s framework or structures.

Besides Chlorine, What Else Do I Need To Test For In My Pool?

Your Michigan inground pool installer should be able to tell you the elements and chemicals that you should be testing for as you enjoy your pool during the summer months. Being a reputable contractor who designs and installs inground pools means having some sort of background in science. So, be sure to ask your inground pool installer what tests you should be conducting on your pool water.

What Kind Of Experience Do You Have?

Before breaking ground on that fantastic pool and signing a contract with that Michigan inground pool contractor, you want to find out what kind of experience they have. Photos, as well as reviews and testimonials, are great to read and view. Each provides a wonderful opportunity for you to see what others experienced with the pool contractor.

Who Will Be Installing My Pool?

Another question that you want to ask your Michigan inground pool installer is who will be out in your backyard or property installing the pool. Does the pool company have full or part-time employees that install the pool? Does the pool company outsource other Michigan inground pool contractors to perform work? It’s important that you know exactly who will be out to your home installing your pool.

May I Have a Written Estimate Of The Entire Inground Pool Installation Process?

After you have a great understanding of what your pool installation process will entail from your Michigan inground pool installer, you want to request a written estimate of the entire pool installation process. You also want to know how long the installation process will take. What kind of digging will be done on your property, and how long will the digging last?

When it comes to quality and sustainable inground pool installation, we hope to have your business. As your experienced, accomplished, and dedicated Michigan inground pool installer company, we provide a personalized pool installation experience for our customers. We’re a family-owned business that has been providing pool installations and pool supplies to Michigan residents since 1981. Connect with us today and let’s discuss that inground pool you want and deserve!