If you’ve overheard your friends and family positively talk about their vinyl-lined pool – it’s no surprise.  Vinyl-lined pools are the most popular pool type in Michigan, and like all pools, have their pros and cons.  If you’re itching to purchase a pool for summer-time fun this year, check out why homeowners love vinyl:

Affordability Through and Through

Generally, vinyl-lined pools have the lowest upfront costs.  The average initial cost of an in-ground vinyl-lined pool is ~$35,000.  Compare this cost to concrete and fiberglass pools – which can run upwards of $50,000 for installation – and you have yourself a deal.  Make sure to ask about budget-friendly pool options at your local pool company.

Minimal Maintenance Compared to Others

All pools require some maintenance, but all maintenance is not created equal.  Since vinyl liners are made of a durable and nonporous material, you don’t have to clean or use as many chemicals as other pool types.  Vinyl pools are also less vulnerable to winter freeze/thaw damage, which is especially important if you’re a pool owner in the Midwest.  In all cases, you can expect less time spent doing maintenance and more time enjoying your pool!

Dream Designs for the Most Creative Minds

The options for customization are limitless.  Whether you’re looking to add a spill-over spa or unique color to the bottom of your pool, look no further than a vinyl-lined pool.  It’s easy to work with your local pool company and manufacturer to design exactly what you want to fit your space and preferences.  And if your preferences change in the future, simply design a new replacement liner for installation in no time.

Quick Installation for More Summer Fun

Time is on your side when installing a vinyl-lined pool.  Vinyl pool installation can take as little as two weeks to install from to start to finish, whereas concrete takes six to eight weeks.  If you’re looking to begin the excavation process in the spring, your vinyl-lined pool will be ready by the first day of summer.  Plus, you’ll have extra time to complete the landscaping.  That’s something we can all celebrate!

Vinyl-Lined Pools: Pros & Cons

Before you decide to purchase any pool, think about the advantages and disadvantages of a vinyl-lined pool, including concrete and fiberglass comparisons.

Vinyl-Lined Pool Pros

  • Affordable – Lowest upfront costs of any in-ground pool on the market
  • Quick Installation – 2-to-4-week timeline to complete installation, from start to finish
  • Customization – Ability to customize your pool however you want

Vinyl-Lined Pool Cons

  • Lifetime Cost – Marginally higher lifetime cost to maintain vinyl-lined pools, due to liner replacement every ~10 years
  • Algae Growth – More likely to show algae growth in comparison to fiberglass, but regular chemical treatment can result in reduction

Interested in a vinyl-lined pool to enjoy this summer?  Give your local Michigan pool experts a call at Blockco.  We’ll discuss the pros and cons with you about all the pool types – vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass – so you make the best decision for you and your family.