Surprise, we are back!  If you’ve been following along with our inground pool blog series, you probably took a look at Part 1 – Michigan Fiberglass Pools vs. Vinyl Inground Pools, where we went into depth on pros and cons of the different pool types.  Another popular option for pool owners is the concrete inground pool.

With three main pool options to choose from – fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete – you should have a good idea about what pool option is the best for you and your needs after reading these comparisons.  Let’s delve into the pros and cons of fiberglass and concrete pools:

Concrete In-ground Pool Pros

  • Customizable design – In contrast to fiberglass in ground pools, concrete in ground pools are easy to customize size and shape since they do not come prefabricated like fiberglass pools. If you are looking for a deep or extremely large pool, along with custom features, either a concrete or vinyl lined pool may be the best way to go.
  • Durable for the cost – Although concrete in-ground pools have high lifetime costs, this pool type is durable. You will not have to worry about pool interior damage; although the concrete in-ground pool finishing does not last as long as a fiberglass in-ground pool finishing.

Concrete In-ground Pool Cons

  • Slow installation – As Michigan fiberglass pools can be fully installed in less than two weeks, it’s a little bit of a different story than concrete in-ground pools. Installation of concrete pools can take three to six months – and sometimes even longer.  If you’re looking to enjoy an in-ground swimming pool this summer, a fiberglass or vinyl lined pool will be completed within the time-frame.
  • Hands-on maintenance – Both fiberglass and vinyl lined pools are non-porous, whereas concrete in-ground pools are porous which produces unique algae cleaning challenges. It’s recommended that concrete pool owners brush the pool’s surface at least once a week to remove algae – something that is not needed with fiberglass or vinyl pool ownership!
  • High cost of ownership – Out of all the pool types, it’s most expensive to own a concrete in-ground pool. The upfront cost of a concrete pool can be upwards of ~$50,000.  If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, a fiberglass – and even a vinyl line pool – will fit the bill.

Fiberglass In-ground Pool Pros

  • Easy & quick installation – As fiberglass pools come prefabricated, installation is quick when ranking time taken for other pool types. The entire fiberglass in-ground pool installation process takes less than two weeks; you’re looking at months of installation time when going forth with a concrete in-ground pool.
  • Low maintenance costs – Different from a concrete in-ground pool, fiberglass in-ground pool have a non-porous gel lining. Because of this, in-ground pools are easier to clean; don’t fret if you take a few weeks off from cleaning!

Fiberglass In-ground Pool Cons

  • Limited design options – Because of fiberglass prefabrication, installation can be done quickly and easily. However, since manufacturers produce limited fiberglass pool sizes and shapes, design options are limited.
  • Difficult color matching – Similar to concrete pools, fiberglass pools are pretty sturdy, but if you are looking to repair the liner, it could be difficult to match the liner color.

Still not sure what type of pool to choose?  No worries – the expert at Blockco are here to help you out.  Contact us today so you can have the pool of your dreams.