Even though summer is rapidly coming to an end does not mean it is a bad time invest in summer family fun with a new in-ground pool.  In fact, there is still plenty of time to enjoy some pool time even into early fall.  Before you write that much-needed pool off until next summer, take a look at these benefits of installing a pool in your backyard now:

Easy Installation Before Fall Hits

With the installation of fiberglass pools being quick and easy, it is easy to do before the fall season hits.  The fiberglass insulation process is relatively simple and only takes 3-6 weeks until completion.  In some cases, installation can even be shorter – less than a week!

If you are not sure a fiberglass pool is for you, you might want to read on. When thinking about installing a vinyl pool, it is important to note the ambient temperature must be at a specific level for the liner not to wrinkle when installed.  This can be somewhat difficult to control, especially during hanging seasons.  With a concrete pool, installation typically takes longer than a fiberglass installation, which poses problems for rain or cooler weather in September and October.  Choosing to go with a fiberglass installation means temperature and Michigan elements are not a problem, so you can be confident in your pre-fall purchase.

Low Maintenance All Season Long

Out of the three types of fiberglass pools – vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass – it is known that fiberglass pools are easy to maintain.  On average, it takes less than an hour a week to maintain a fiberglass swimming pool, and the maintenance tasks are easy!  All you must do is test the water regularly, add the correct amount of chemicals, run the filter, and re-fill the pool when necessary.  With a pool cover and an automatic cleaner, you could even save more time.

When looking at long-term maintenance costs, it is important to know that fiberglass pools do not require the liner to replaced or resurfacing like vinyl pools.  In fact, most vinyl pools, must have their liners replaced every ~10 years, whereas re-surfacing should be completed every ~15 years.  Along with the cost of this maintenance, this is also time your pool is out-of-service to your family.

Building Your Pool Pre-Fall

In addition to overall low maintenance and easy installation in comparison to other pool types, it is convenient to work on pool installation later in the summer and into the early fall.  It is comfortable to work on the pool in cooler temperatures, and with a heating solution, your fiberglass pool can be enjoyable in the late summer months, as well as the early fall months.

Whether it is an in-ground pool or a spa experience you are craving this season, let the experts at Blocko help you out.  Contact one of our experts today to talk through your pool needs to extend summer just a little bit longer.