It’s finally summer! And you know what that means…the pressure to invest in an in-ground swimming pool for the hot summer month is real.

If you’ve been thinking about adding an in-ground to your backyard, you’ve probably done some initial reading on pools.  With so many pool options and places to purchase, finding the best pool offerings can be challenging!  Welcome to your streamline guide on how to research the best pool deals in Michigan:

Upfront & Maintenance Costs

There are many types of in-ground swimming pools with different price tags associated with them.  Because of this, price is something you should obviously consider and research before buying.  When doing your initial research, make sure to understand the initial purchase price and the lifetime cost of ownership for the pool you are intending on purchasing.  Both costs differ depending on whether you go with a concrete, or vinyl liner pool.  Make sure your budget aligns with the total price of ownership!

Construction Timeframe

Did you know that fiberglass pool installation takes only 3-6 weeks, whereas a vinyl liner or concrete pool can take months to install?  Before you set your heart on a particular type of pool, ask yourself when you want the project completed.  If your pool needs are ASAP, a fiberglass – and even a vinyl liner – pool may be your best options over concrete.

Construction Process

With most types of swimming pools, there is a permitting process that must take place before construction begins.  Required permits can vary depending on the type of swimming pool, as well as the state and city you live in, which can affect the timeline and cost of your backyard getaway.

If you’re working with a local company, they should know what permits are needed for your pool project; but if you take on the project yourself, make sure to do the upfront permitting research for the state of Michigan.

Credibility in the Marketplace

Before buying an in-ground from your local company across the street, it’s important to understand their credibility and reputation in the marketplace.  Chances are, if you purchase an in-ground swimming pool, you will need a team to help install the infrastructure.  If you decide to hire a contractor from the same company you purchased the pool from, you’ll want to be sure the project can be done in a timely manner that meets your needs. Review online reviews and read any referrals posted about specific companies are you are interested in purchasing from.

Purchasing an in-ground swimming pool is bound to increase your summer fun by ten-fold, especially with the likelihood of spending more time at home in the upcoming months due to COVID-19.  If you’re looking to see how you can get your hands on a new in-ground pool this season, contact one of our Blockco experts.  We’ll make sure you can efficiently – and safely – get started on a pool installation project.