Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, you’ll likely have to get your pool serviced at some point in the near future.  Keeping the water clean is important for you and guests; but sometimes regular maintenance can fall by the wayside.  If you’ve had a difficult time maintaining your Michigan in-ground pool in the past – or think you will in the future – read on to learn more about how to choose the right summer pool maintenance company.

Understand if they have the experience

Not every company has decades of experience.  It’s important to understand whether your pool maintenance company has the experience in the business, as well as hires experts in the field.  Ask what the pool service includes prior to hiring the company for maintenance.  On a basic level, it should include chemical maintenance, vacuuming, skimming, and backwashing – and if the package doesn’t, it’s time to look somewhere else.

Research the reputation and customer service

You know if a pool maintenance company is any good rather quickly – and positive and negative reviews proliferate on the web.  Look on Better Business Bureau (BBB) for reviews regarding pool cleanliness and customer relationships.  We recommend they’re able to get both right.

See if the company can provide both maintenance and repairs

Talk about the inconvenience of going to multiple businesses for your pool needs.  It’s always best to hire a company that can provide both maintenance and repairs.  If you’re paying for a weekly maintenance service, you can easily get pool repairs when you need them – all from your regular pool service company in Michigan.  Plus, you can typically negotiate better deals for pool repairs and get them done more quickly.

Make sure the pool experts have proper permits

There’s no point in paying someone to take care of your pool when you must fix their mistakes.  If you’re paying hundreds of dollars to get your Michigan in-ground pool serviced, you want to make sure your pool expert has the proper training and permits.  Ask your Michigan pool company what kind of training they provide their employees and the permits they carry.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing the pool cleaning company you choose knows what they are doing.

Ask if they have a trial maintenance period

No one likes being locked into a contract they cannot get out of.  Prior to signing on the dotted line with your pool maintenance company, ask about any short-term maintenance period.  You may find your Michigan maintenance and repair company provides a short-term contract that benefits both you – and the company – for a win-win situation.

Looking for an in-ground pool maintenance company in the Greater Detroit Area?  Contact our pool experts at Blockco Pools.  We provide the best pool maintenance and customer service across Michigan and are happy to serve you and your home.