Think it’s time to finally get that swimming pool you’ve been dreaming of?  You’re probably right.  Before you go full speed ahead into summer and pool planning, make sure you know the installation timeline and requirements.  The experts at Blockco have put together a pool timeline guide, so you’ll know expectations going into the fiberglass pool installation process:

The Time

Outside of permitting, it takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks to install a fiberglass pool in the state of Michigan.  In comparison to vinyl and concrete pools – which can take months to install – this is quick!  Inground fiberglass pools are known for their quick and easy installation, so you can fully enjoy your summer, yard, and pool.

The Requirements

You may think fiberglass pool installation is easy, but before you go ahead and make it your next DIY project, make sure you know the associated requirements.  In Michigan, you will need to obtain a permit to begin the excavation process.  Some Michigan counties have different permit requirements and timelines, so it’s important to do your research ahead of time.  If you choose to partner with your local pool and spa company, they will take care of all permitting and construction.  Sit back and relax this summer!

The Process

The experts at Blockco pools are certified and use advanced techniques to make sure your pool is installed the right way, the first time.  There are four main parts to the process when looking to install an inground pool, and you can expect the following:

  • Site Preparation – After getting your permit and scheduling the inspection, the pool layout and dig specs must be set. To do this, your local pool company will conduct the site preparation in compliance with permit regulations.
  • Excavation – An excavator will be used to dig out a majority of the dirt at the pool prep site, making sure to carefully follow the pool’s outline. Experts dig ~4 inches deeper than necessary at the site to accommodate for the gravel fill.
  • Delivery & Backfilling – Delivery day! The pool is set into the excavated hole by a crane and left to set.  A sump line or daylight drain is also used to balance the hydrostatic pressure.  Once the pool is set, your local company will work to incrementally backfill the pool.  In total, this step can take up to one week to complete.
  • Concrete Pour – After final plumbing and electrical installation, it’s time to pour the concrete. Setting up the pool form, pouring the concrete, and waiting for the concrete to set can take anywhere from 1-3 days.  This is also the time when construction cleanup is done and any final touches – such as fencing – are completed.

Need help getting started on the installation process?  Contact the experts at Blockco – your local pool company.  Whether you’re in the market to purchase a pool or just need a quality cleaning before having friends and family over, we’re here to help.