Pools can be a lot of fun – until it comes time to clean them.  Instead of manually sweeping and vacuuming your pool, using an automatic swimming pool cleaner saves you time, so you can get back to relaxing.  They work surprisingly well, and we recommend them for busy families and those with larger sized pools.  If you’re interested in learning a little more about automatic swimming pool cleaners, you’ve come to the right place.  See what our experts at Blockco pools have to say about these cleaners:

How does automatic pool cleaner work?

Since a robotic pool cleaner comes with its own filtration system as a secondary filter, there is no need to connect it to an external system.  It’s easy to use an automatic pool cleaner with a remote-control system to clean debris and dirt from your pool.  The pool cleaner stores the debris in a built-in bag, and you can empty it when it’s most convenient for you.  Simple as that!

What should I know about automatic pool cleaners?

Overall, having an automatic pool cleaner allows homeowners more time spent relaxing in the pool rather than cleaning it.  On top of less brushing and vacuuming, a pool cleaner reduces the algae in your pool, which limits the chemicals needed to keep proper cleanliness. This is great for families with busy schedules, folks that frequently travel, and those that want to clean their pool in a more natural way.

What types of automatic pool cleaners should I consider?

There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners you should look into before buying: suction-side, pressure-side, and robotic automatic pool cleaners.  All are effective at reducing the amount of debris in your pool, and each have their pros and cons.  In general, robotic automatic pool cleaners tend to mix water more effectively and have a higher price tag than suction-side and pressure-side pool cleaners.

What should I consider before buying an automatic pool cleaner?

We recommend considering the following factors before choosing a specific type of pool cleaner.  Make sure to discuss these with your expert pool representative:

  • Pool floor material & shape – Not all automatic pool cleaners work with every pool material and shape. Make sure to choose a cleaner that supports your pool’s specific needs.
  • Pool size – All pool cleaners come with an extension cord, so make sure the length corresponds with your pool size. Otherwise, you may have to regularly move the automatic pool cleaner to clean all parts of the pool.
  • Filtration capabilities – Discuss what objects are around your pool, such as trees and other vegetation. This will help you decide on how large of a built-in bag or basket is needed when removing debris from your pool.
  • Scheduling – Determine if you need automatic start features included with your pool cleaner purchase, so you are not limited by manual start options.

Is an automatic swimming pool cleaner worth it?

Absolutely!  Many homeowners prefer automatic pool cleaners because of a few key reasons.  Outside of the fact that automatic pool cleaners save homeowners time, these cleaners one of the fastest ways to clean your pool.  Paired with free-standing filtration and customized cleaning, you will not want to go back to paying for a pool cleaning service or doing it yourself.

Have further questions about automatic pool cleaners for your in-ground or above-ground pool?  Contact us at Blockco to speak with one of our pool experts.