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According to ASPA, there are about 10.4 million swimming pools in the United States. Does that mean you should add a pool to your home, too? Let’s delve into a few interesting ways a pool can add value to your home.

Better Resale Value

If you talk to real estate experts, they will likely tell you that a home with a well-kept swimming pool will sell for more. This is especially true for inground fiberglass pools. To verify this point, you can do a little real estate search. You will notice that homes with ready-made backyards that include pools are generally selling for more. At the moment, home buyers are looking for homes that are a one-stop shop for everything they want. Because people want to spend more of their time at home, it would be ideal if the property could offer many summer entertainment activities, swimming being the chief of them.

Fiberglass Pools Add More Value to Homes In Warmer Climates

Pools will add even greater value if you stay in warmer regions where they can be utilized all year round. In such areas, having a pool in the home is a must. This means people in these areas will check to see if a home they are interested in buying has a pool. So, having a pool will make it easier for you to sell your home if you stay in a warmer region. Apart from that, properties with pools in these areas command higher rentals than those without. You might find that if your neighbors have a pool and you don’t, your property’s worth on the market will be positively affected.

Consider Fiberglass Pools for Easier Maintenance

If you want to add value to your home with a pool, remember that not all pools are alike. In many markets, people prefer fiberglass pools. These pools are well-known for how easy they are to maintain. Research shows that a fiberglass pool will likely last for more than 25 years. One significant advantage of these pools is their porosity. Usually, their surfaces are made using gel coats. This essentially non-porous material will protect your fiberglass and give the pool a shiny and impressive finish.

A fiberglass pool will also add a lot of value to your home because it is easy to install. That means you will probably be charged a cheaper installation fee than if it were a concrete pool, too! If you’re interested in a fiberglass pool for your home, contact Blockco today!