According to Ruby Home, 8% of the estimated 130 million US households have a pool. If you’re considering a pool for your family home, think about how it’ll benefit your children. In-ground fiberglass pools are a great way to add some family fun to your home!

Swimming Is Great Exercise for All Ages

More and more kids and adolescents spend too much time indoors and in front of screens. Because of this reality, parents want to provide their children with activities that get them outdoors and moving. A backyard pool is an excellent way to introduce physical activity as an important part of life. Not only will kids with a pool get more exercise, but they’ll also develop good lifestyle habits. Why not start your children on a path of healthy living at a young age?

It’s an Opportunity for Them to Learn Responsibility

Household chores might not be fun, but they’re an effective way to teach your kids independence and resilience. Fiberglass pools require upkeep and attention, which can help your kids gain a stronger sense of responsibility. Knowing that they also have to take care of the pool and not just enjoy it instills a great lesson that’ll benefit them in many ways. If you want your children to be responsible and understand that putting in the work makes the fun even better, a family pool can help you teach this lesson.

A Pool is Great for Socializing

One of the most significant benefits of a backyard pool for kids is having their friends over. This can help them develop their social skills and learn to be welcoming hosts. Similar to a decrease in physical activity, it’s easy for social skills to suffer due to how easily accessible it is for kids to spend a lot of time on their devices. Parents can help their children become well-rounded adults by instilling the importance of social skills from a young age. Not only will your child grow as a person, but they’ll also have a lot of fun in the process!

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