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You don’t need much more than an inground pool to have summer fun – but a few toys can never hurt.  Whether you’re looking for pool toys that are kid-friendly or want to add some adult flair to your summer gatherings, there’s something for every occasion.  Check out the Hottest Inground Pool Toys For 2022 that you should add to your Amazon cart today:

The Ultimate Pool Ball

Everyone is talking about The Ultimate Pool Ball – and it’s consistently rated as one of the top toys for this summer.  Simply fill the ball up with water, and it gives players the ability to pass, dribble, and kick underwater.  Made with ultra-durable PVC, this toy will give you fun that lasts for years on end.  It’s definitely our favorite catch-all toy.

Finding Dory Dive and Catch Game

We’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like Finding Nemo (and Dory).  SwimWays has brought Finding Dory to a new level with its Finding Dory Dive and Catch Game.  With six floating characters and a Mr. Ray net, kids are bound to have hours of fun in the pool – or even bathtub.

Noodle Squirt Guns

No pool toy list can be complete without a squirt gun addition.  Fun for kids and adults alike, use these noodle squirt guns to spray friends or a nearby parent.  Just be prepared to be sprayed back.

Inflatable Pool Cornhole

Bring your favorite lawn game to the water with Boomart’s inflatable pool cornhole.  Designed for friends and family with a competitive side, it’s easy to adjust the game from a fixed to floating position.  Say goodbye to boredom when someone brings out this game!

Inflatable Basketball Hoop 

If you’re an NBA fan, chances are you don’t want the playoffs to end quite yet.  Continue the basketball fun with GoSports’ Splash Basketball Hoop.  With this 360-degree floating basketball hoop, pretend to be your favorite player and challenge your friends and family to a game this summer.

Inflatable Volleyball Net

For all sports lovers, a pool day is not complete without a game of beach – or pool – volleyball.  Make the game official by getting the WowWee Nurf Super Soaker Volleyball Net for your next pool party.  With an 8-foot-long net and inflatable volleyball, entertain guests and showoff your volleyball skills this summer.

Floating Beer Pong Table

After two years of a pandemic, it’s time to relive those late night college parties with GoPong’s Floating Beer Pong Lounge.  You can have a game of pool beer bong set up within minutes and easily transform the table into a pool raft once you’ve had your fill of fun.

Make sure to elevate your Michigan pool game with a few of these toys this summer.  And if you need help with your pool opening or regular maintenance, give your local experts at Blockco Pools a call.