There are about 10.6 million swimming pools in the U.S. on average, and 50.6 % are in-ground pools, 2.9% are commercial pools, while 47.1% are above ground pools. Most American homeowners prefer to install in-ground pools, from the three most common types — fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl-lined pools. Today, fiberglass pools are becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits they provide. These are the benefits that are prompting most homeowners to install a fiberglass pool.

1. Smooth Surface and Finish

A fiberglass pool has a smooth texture and finish that is more comfortable than a concrete pool. The smooth finish of fiberglass pools allows you and your family to do more in the pool. For instance, you could play swimming pool volleyball with your friends in your fiberglass pool without having sore feet afterward. The bottom of the fiberglass pool is textured to prevent you from slipping and hurting your feet. On top of that, fiberglass pools offer homeowners a wide range of colors for the gel coat (the interior finish). You may choose to have a fiberglass pool with a sparkle finish that would have a bespoke look on a full-sunny day. The smooth surface finish and the different colors available, make fiberglass pools an attractive option to homeowners who also want a stunning and stylish in-ground pool.

2. Easy and Fast Installation

Fiberglass pools are designed and manufactured in a factory, and it takes up to two weeks to complete the construction. When the fiberglass pool arrives at your job site, it’s 100% finished. There are no design or finishing works on the job site — just the installation. Fiberglass pool installation in your home is quick and easy, and it may take as few as two days to complete. This is unlike other inground pools, like concrete pools, which take longer to construct and install. Furthermore, the pool installation is not influenced or affected by weather conditions such as heavy rains and big temperature fluctuations. As long as the installation crew can work safely, your pool can be installed any time you wish.

3. Longer Service-life

When you maintain your pool properly, it will serve you for about three decades or more, and you would only have to reapply the interior gel finish every ten years. Not unless you scratch the gel coat when cleaning, you will be looking at a decade-worth of service before replacing the gel coat. To avoid scratching the finish of your pool, do not clean it with a wire brush. Instead, use a nylon brush that does not scratch or dislodge the finish. It is easier to clean a fiberglass pool as opposed to other pools, such as concrete pools. You want to get the most experienced in-ground pool installers to ensure that your pool functions optimally after installation.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs

A fiberglass pool has the lowest maintenance costs compared to the other two main types of pools — concrete and vinyl. You will use less electricity to heat or cool your pool, fewer repair and resurfacing costs, and you will save big on chemical costs. Because of the smooth non-porous gel coat of the fiberglass pool, algae may not accumulate in the interior. Instead, it floats and sticks to the surface where you can easily get rid of it. You will not have to deal with black algae in your pool. Additionally, because of the non-porous surface of the fiberglass pool, you can run a saltwater system in your swimming pool without corrosion. Overall, you will save big on maintenance and repair costs.

A pool is as good as its workmanship. You want the experienced Michigan in-ground pool contractors to install your fiberglass pool. When fiberglass pool installation is done perfectly, maintenance will be effortless, and you will get the most from your fiberglass pools. Having an in-ground pool in your home makes spending time in your home with the family more fun. On the value aspect, in-door swimming pools increase the value of your property significantly.