Arguably the best thing about a pool is jumping in on a hot summer day.  But when late summer and fall comes around the corner, it may be a little chilly to relax in an un-heated pool.  Homeowners are always looking for cost-effective ways to heat in-ground pools – especially when it costs up to $1,000 to heat your pool monthly.  If you’re thinking of ways to extend your summertime fun into the fall, check these cost-effective ways to heat your pool:

Solar Covers

Using a solar pool cover is one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your in-ground pool.  Solar pools help contain solar hear and reduce water evaporation, so your pool stays warmer for longer.  Depending on your pool size and shape, it may be difficult to find a cover to fit your in-ground pool but it is the most cost – and heat – effective out of all solar options on the market.

Solar Sun Rings

Instead of purchasing a single solar cover that covers your entire pool, you can choose to purchase several solar sun rings to heat your pool.  Solar sun rings work especially well if your pool sits in direct sunlight with more than 50% of the pool surface area covered in solar rings.  If you’re looking to heat your pool to a few degrees warmer than the outside temperature, this is a great option that only costs a few hundred dollars.

Windproof Pool Enclosure

Consider building a windproof or enclosed structure around your pool, especially if you live in a windy part of Michigan.  Because wind alters the surface of an in-ground pool and makes it easier for heat to escape, a windproof enclosure is extremely helpful to block windy weather.  Additionally, a windproof pool enclosure enables your pool to be accessible at any time – rain or shine.

Electric Heat Pump

If you want consistent heating and can afford to invest a few thousand dollars, a pool heat pump is the way to go.  Electric heat pumps are typically two-thirds as expensive as a gas fired pool heater and are reliable and easy to use.  Purchasing a pump is worth the investment if you use your in-ground pool daily and are swimming in the early mornings, as well as the late nights.

You can easily extend your summer pool experience into the fall with investing in cost effective heating options for your in-ground pool.  With options that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, there is a heating method for anyone looking to warm their pool this season.  If you have questions about heating options or summer in-ground pools, contact one of our pool specialists at Blockco Pools.  With being a family-owned business since 1981, we understand every family has a unique budget and will work with you to find the most cost-effective option that performs well.  We are in the business to make sure you choose the right kind of pool, accessories, and heating for you and your family.