Hot tubbing is one of the best winter activities – especially outdoors!  We love enjoying the winter scenery while being wrapped in the warmth from the hot tub spa.  Whether you’re looking for cold weather hydrotherapy or a pretty winter scene, check out these tips to help you get through the Michigan winter season.

Stay Warm

When you’re in the hot tub – staying warm is no problem.  But once you get out, you’re at the mercy of the frigid temperatures.  When using the hot tub in the winter, make sure to plan ahead.  Footwear, towels, and cover ups are all good things to have readily available.  Making a mad dash back to the house is much warmer if you prepare!

Cover It Up

It’s easy to forget to cover your hot tub after a winter soak at night.  If you’re looking to keep your hot tub at the optimal temperature and save on your utilities bill, use a cover after every use.  Properly maintaining your hot tub in the winter will ensure a well-running hot tub all-year round.  Check out the top 2022 hot tub covers rated by Spruce here.

Clear It Off

We’re not done with winter yet – and that means a few more snowfalls are on the horizon.  Don’t let excessive snow and ice ruin your cover and winter fun.  Leaving snow on your hot tub cover for too long can make it sag, and the freeze/thaw cycle can leave your hot tub damaged, too.  Be diligent in clearing off snow and ice, so you don’t have to deal with the repercussions.

Pay Attention to the Jets

Hot tub jets operate by using the outside air – and in the winter, this can be cold.  The more you use the jets, the harder your hot tub must work to maintain your ideal temperature.  Try to give your jets the occasional break, so your hot tub maintains its warmth.  Otherwise, you’ll lose heat fast.

Stock Up on Supplies

No one likes to run out of cleaning supplies, especially when you need them for your hot tubbing experience.  As it’s always a good time for hot tubbing in the winter, you may find you need more supplies to last throughout the season.  If you’re planning on using your hot tub as a second home for the remainder of the winter, make sure to stock up on chemicals and supplies.  We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Michigan’s winter wonderland doesn’t mean you have to give up hot tubbing.  In fact, we think the winter is the best time to get use out of your hot tub.  Michigan winters can be long and cold, but warm hot tub soaks can make all the difference.  Talk to one of our hot tub and spa experts at Blockco today, so you can start your installation tomorrow.