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Swimming pools are great in the summer but dealing with the chlorine isn’t fun.  While you cannot get away from keeping your summer pool clean, many homeowners are switching out chlorine additives for saltwater.  Saltwater pools are easy to maintain and offer health and beauty benefits that chlorine counterparts don’t.  If you’re looking for another sanitary option other than chlorine for your swimming pool, learn about why Michigan homeowners love their saltwater pools:

Less Expensive to Maintain

Once the saltwater generator is up and running, saltwater pool maintenance costs are much less expensive than chlorine.  The typical saltwater pool requires $100 in salt costs if maintained properly, compared to upwards of $800 in chorine – and other chemicals – annually.  If you plan on living in your home for more than three years, we recommend considering a saltwater pool because of the low upkeep costs.  Let’s talk about those summertime savings!

Easier to Maintain

Along with affordability, saltwater pools are way easier to maintain than chlorinated pools.  Chorine pools need weekly chlorine treatment and chemical shocks to ward off algae and maintain proper cleanliness.  Saltwater can maintain pool cleanliness for up to two weeks without any intervention.  That means more time chilling by the pool and less time maintaining it.

Health Benefits Galore

With a saltwater pool, you won’t have to worry about brittle hair and red eyes.  In fact, saltwater is known for its health benefits – reducing anxiety, stress, and allergy symptoms of all saltwater pool-goers.  The use of saltwater therapy for the body and mind is very popular – and something that is not going away.  Get in on the trend before all your neighbors are taking advantage of these health benefits.

Better for the Environment

For all our eco-friendly friends: saltwater pools are better for the environment than chlorinated pools.  The strong chlorine smell the standard pool releases actually gives off chloramine gas – a detrimental fume to the environment.  In addition to alleviating your irritated red eyes and nose this summer, do your part in helping our environment with considering a saltwater pool.

A Note on Swimming Pool Features

Ask your local swimming pool company if it’s possible to switch from standard to saltwater if you already own a pool.  In some cases, the saltwater system may have harsher effects on lighting, liners, and masonry work if not designed for saltwater in mind.  However, when installing a new pool, you can easily purchase one suitable for saltwater – fiberglass being a great example.

Interested in a saltwater pool for your summertime fun?  Contact your local pool experts at Blockco Pools.  Whether it’s a saltwater or chlorine pool that fits your needs, our staff will help you with the right choice.