It’s always good to know the average Michigan in-ground pool costs before you decide to buy.  Michigan pool owners can pay up to $5,000 on annual maintenance, equipment, electricity, and water.  If you’re looking to understand how much your Michigan inground pool could cost you this year, you’ve come to the right place.  Read on to learn more about annual pool costs and how you can lower your monthly bills.

Pool Maintenance for Inground Pools

On average, you can expect to spend $1,000-$1,800 every year for basic pool maintenance.  Michigan pool maintenance costs do not include repairs, electricity, and water, so expect to pay more depending on what type and size of inground pool you own.

Electricity Costs

Homeowners can pay up to $300 annually for pool electricity, mainly for operating the pump.  Some newer Michigan inground pools have variable speed-pumps that are more energy efficient and use less electricity.  If you’re still shopping around for your future inground pool, make sure to ask about energy efficient options on the market to help reduce your utility bill.

Water Costs

Filling your pool for the first time after the winter costs pool owners the most money, running anywhere between $60-$120 for a standard 15,000-30,000-gallon pool.  After the first fill, homeowners typically spend an average rate of $0.004 per gallon when adding water to the inground pool.

Opening and Closing Your Inground Pool

If you hire a professional to open and close your pool, expect to add another $300-$600 to your annual pool costs.  We recommend pool owners consider paying a professional to open and close, as this service saves you hard work and checks for any damage.  This is especially good for pool owners that live in places like Michigan, where pools need to be properly winterized to avoid damage.

In Conclusion

On average, you can expect to pay ~$1,800 annually for basic maintenance and upkeep.  For the costs of pool closing, opening, and utility costs, add another $700.  These costs don’t include any pool repairs, so make sure to have a small fund where you can pay for any damage on an annual basis.  The average pool repair can cost north of $1,000, and you will inevitably have to pay for some repairs when managing a pool for years to come.

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