As we quickly approach the summer season, it’s time to start thinking about fun summer activities.  And what more fun can you have than a backyard pool and beach oasis?  If you are deciding on an above-ground or in-ground pool, read on to understand five key benefits of buying an above-ground pool in Michigan:


Installation of an above-ground pool is quick and simple – and can even be done as a DIY weekend project.  With a crew of two, it typically takes around 2 ½ days to properly install an above ground pool and can be constructed in a shorter amount of time with a bigger team.  When you compare this to an in-ground pool which takes several weeks to complete – there’s a clear winner if you are looking at installation length.


From upfront costs to installation and maintenance to repairs, above-ground pools are less expensive in-ground pools in all aspects.  If you’re looking for an affordable pool option for summer fun, you can expect to pay a third of the cost of an in-ground pool when deciding to choose an above ground pool.  On average, an above-ground pool costs around ~$8,000.  That’s a steal!


On top of affordability, an above-ground pool requires less maintenance than in-ground pools.  Because above-ground pools tend to be smaller than in-ground pools, you will need less chlorine to keep the water clean, and you won’t have to vacuum or sweep the bottom and sides of the pool as much.


If you’re looking to move and are concerned about leaving your above-ground pool behind – you won’t have to worry.  Whether your move is to a new backyard location or across the state, above-ground pools are easy and safe to move.  Do it yourself with this how-to guide.


Although having a swimming pool in your background always comes with a greater risk, research suggests some pools are safer than others.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 60% of all pool accidents occur in in-ground pools.  No matter if you purchase an in-ground or above-ground pool, you can improve its safety by installing four-sided safety fences with self-closing locks.

A Brief Recap

  • Install above-ground pools in a matter of days in comparison to weeks for in-ground pools
  • Spend less on your above ground pool in comparison to in-ground pools – a third of the price, to be exact
  • Spend less time on maintenance costs and requirements for an above-ground pool over an in-ground pool
  • Move your above-ground pool to a new location with ease, whereas leave your in-ground pool behind when you move
  • Increase your peace of mind with pool safety when purchasing an above-ground pool

Although there are many benefits to owning an above-ground pool, they do have some limitations.  Above-ground pools tend to be limited in size, shape and depth, have a shorter lifespan, and have fewer available features and add-ons in comparison to in-ground pools.  If you are wondering whether an above-ground or in-ground pool is right for you, visit our website or contact one of our experts at Blockco.