Installing a pool is one of the great investments that you can make for your home. Not only does it raise the value of your home, but it also gives you an amazing outdoor space to spend time with friends and family, while relaxing in the sun. By no means is this a small decision, though. From installation to pool supplies there is a lot that you need to consider before going to a pool company to buy and have a pool installed at your home. Here are just a few of those considerations to make.

Do You Want an Inground or Above Ground Pool?

This may seem like a simple question, but you need to know if you’d prefer an inground or an above ground pool. An inground pool tends to be a bit nicer and is usually larger too. There are also tons of design choices that come with an inground pool, with everything from a classic rectangle to freeform designs. On the other hand, above ground pools are easier to install, but they’re also smaller and harder to build a backyard around than an inground pool would be.

What Pool Supplies Will You Need?

More than just installing a pool, you need to maintain it too. This will require a lot of different pool supplies, including chlorine and shock to keep the pool water clean. Your pool will also require a filtration system to keep bacteria from building up. Brushes and nets to skim the water also help to keep your pool clean. To help with all of this cleaning, some people choose to get robotic pool cleaning devices to clean the pool for you. Those are just supplies to clean the pool, mind you. There’s a world of options to what you can add to your pool for fun, from diving boards to volleyball nets, which give you a lot to think about when you go to pool supply companies.

Consider Your Landscaping

It’s important to have a plan as to where you want to put your pool. If there is a large patch of grass that is shaded, you may not want to put a pool there because it will be cooler. Look for locations that receive a lot of sunlight to get the most out of your pool. You also want to make your pool area a private one, so that no one driving by your home can watch you enjoying your pool. Most people, to get this privacy without losing the sunlight, will install bushes and other plants to make their pool into an oasis. Others choose to go for a tall fence around the pool, instead.

What Types of Pools are Available?

Most people don’t think about the lining of a pool until they absolutely need to, but it’s incredibly important to find the right lining. Without it, leaks and damage could come to your pool. Fiberglass pools are the most common, as they fit most people’s needs the best. That’s because they are smooth to the touch, low cost of installation, don’t require much maintenance, and are aesthetically pleasing. For that reason, they fit most needs that people will have for their pool. Fiberglass pools differ in that they have more versatility in their shape and don’t foster algae, but they tend to cost more to maintain over time. Concrete pools, meanwhile, can be huge and offer tons of flexibility, but they come with disadvantages. Those disadvantages include taking longer to install, requiring more daily maintenance, and costing more to install and operate.

Swimming is one of the great ways to stay active and healthy. It’s also a great way to bring a family together and enjoy good weather as a group. In fact, swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity in the United States, making it an option that everyone is sure to love. Yes, there is still plenty that you need to consider, but swimming pools are a great investment in your family and home, just make sure you have the right pool supplies to maintain it.