Similar to a house and car purchase, investing in a Jacuzzi can be expensive.  This is why so many people wonder: Is it really worth it to consider purchasing a Jacuzzi?  We – and many of our customers – think the answer is yes, and we have done the customer research to prove it.  A Jacuzzi hot tub is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy Four-Season Warmth

The great thing about a Jacuzzi is it is not bound by any season.  You can enjoy your Jacuzzi hot tub year-round; and this can be a special treat in the fall and winter seasons.  Compared to a home pool – which you can enjoy only a portion of the year – you can spend more time relaxing in a Jacuzzi.

Get Ready for Next-Level Bathing

Let’s face it: we all feel better sitting in a hot tub, no matter the time or situation.  Whether you are enjoying alone time in your Jacuzzi or invite friends along for a drink, your time in the Jacuzzi is sure to be great.

Make Hydrotherapy a Ritual

Many people associate the typical hot tub with fitness and recovery; Jacuzzi tubs are also associated with hydrotherapy and relieving health symptoms.  These hot tubs are known to alleviate many health effects, including:

  • Stress: We all have a little bit of stress in our lives, and with the year 2020, we could all use a de-stressor.  By sitting in a Jacuzzi hot tub for only ten minutes a day, you can increase blood flow throughout your body, which is known to decrease stress and associated headaches.
  • Lower Back Pain: A surprisingly high number of Americans experience back pain, and hydrotherapy offers increased benefits to lower back pain over land-exercises.  Good for you – Jacuzzi hot tubs provide you with the most luxurious type of hydrotherapy.
  • Sleeplessness: Are you having trouble getting to sleep?  No worries.  It is known that submersing yourself in a hot Jacuzzi hot tub helps with healthy sleep habits.  Now, that is something we can get behind.
  • Arthritis: We strongly believe as you get older, Jacuzzi hot tubs keep on getting better.  Heated hydrotherapy helps arthritis symptoms by opening blood vessels to increase movement range.  A Jacuzzi is the perfect solution!

Create Your Customized Oasis

You have the ability to customize a Jacuzzi exactly to your liking.  From the Jacuzzi size to its color to the LED lights you install around the perimeter – you can make a Jacuzzi your personal getaway.

It is never too late to think about purchasing Jacuzzi for your next hot tub.  Whether you are looking for an entry-level or luxury Jacuzzi, Blockco Pools has you covered.  As we carry a wide selection of Jacuzzi hot tub collections and swim spas, we are sure you will find something you enjoy and love.  Contact one of our spa experts, so we can help you determine which Jacuzzi meets your needs and budget!