The U.S. Census Bureau states that swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity in North America. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more American homeowners are installing inground pools on their properties. When you decide to install a swimming pool on your property, you should engage reputable inground pool installers to get a top-quality pool.

How do you select the best inground pool contractor to install your swimming pool? These are the qualities you should look for in a swimming pool company.

1. The Top Inground Pool Installers Offer Many Inground Pool Styles

The reputable pool companies in Michigan have many inground pool styles for you to choose from. These pool styles include rectangular designs, classic pool designs, spas, swim spas, tanning ledges, modern freeform, lap pools, traditional freeform, and kidney designs. Michigan inground pool contractors provide you with many options for pool styles, so you can pick one that complements your home’s overall aesthetics. You can choose to have vinyl-lined pools, concrete pools, fiberglass, or aluminum pools.

2. The Best Inground Pool Installers Will Offer Other Pool Services

The experienced pool contractors are not only good at installing swimming pools but also great in pool repair and maintenance. After investing top dollar to install your swimming pool in your backyard, it’s only fair that you maintain and repair it regularly. Luckily, swimming pools have a long service life. A concrete pool can last for decades, while a vinyl liner may need some replacements after 10 years.

The contractor that installs your pool is best suited to repair and conduct routine maintenance. When hiring inground pool installers, consider if they offer repair and maintenance services as well. The top installers will also offer swimming pool accessories such as skimmer nets, pool chemicals, pool vacuums, pool covers, pool lights, and poolside showers. It’s more convenient to hire a pool company that offers all these services, as it will eliminate the need for dealing with multiple vendors during the pool installation. Besides saving you time, you may also enjoy discounted offers when you engage one pool installer for all of the installation works needed.

3. Your Ideal Pool Installer Should Have Worked in Your Local Area Before

The best Michigan inground pool installers have extensive experience installing swimming pools in the top cities, such as Mount Pleasant. A pool installer with prior experience working in your local city or state knows all the factors that can affect the pool installation. These factors include the zoning laws in your city and whether your home is in an earthquake zone. Inground pool installers who have previously installed swimming pools in your local area will have this and other relevant information beforehand. Therefore, they will prepare well for your pool installation project to avoid any delays.

4. Top Inground Pool Installers Should Have a Solid Reputation in Your Area

Pool companies that install high-quality swimming pools, have excellent customer service, and always complete their projects in good time will have an excellent reputation in your local area. Today, it’s easy to establish the reputation of a company by checking online reviews from customers who have used the company’s services. You can also enquire by word of mouth from friends and neighbors who have had their swimming pools installed by the company.

Ideally, if previous customers recommend the services of inground pool contractors, you’ll have more confidence enlisting their services too. Knowing that the quality of your swimming pool depends on the workmanship of your installer, you’ll want to engage a reputable swimming pool company.

A swimming pool is more than a leisure utility in your home. Besides giving you and your family ample freedom to enjoy swimming in the comfort of your home, a pool also boosts the overall value of your property. Homes with swimming pools installed command a higher market value compared to those without one. Given that a swimming pool is a substantial investment that will cost you top dollar, you should only engage the top inground pool contractor to install your pool.