We know it’s a little early to discuss in-ground pool ideas for 2022, but hey – it’s something to look forward to!  By the time you’re done with pool ideation and planning, it will be halfway to the summer season, anyways.  If you’re in the market to install an in-ground pool or looking to revamp your current pool space, you’re in the right place.  Read on to discover the ways you can transform your yard into a place you’ll want to spend every summer day and night:

Get In Shape!

If you’re in the market for a pool and have the space, we always recommend a rectangular pool.  Rectangular pools are versatile, and you guessed it – offer the perfect space to swim.  Not into swimming laps?  Don’t worry; rectangular pools are also good for relaxing and landscaping.  And if you’re really looking to spice things up, you can build an infinity rectangular pool for a more luxurious take on swimming laps.

Light It Up

With clever lighting, you can transform your pool into a magical night-time oasis.  Whatever color you’re interested in illuminating your pool with, it can be made possible with the right installation.  Prior to purchasing those much-needed lights, make sure to look into the following:

  • Lights – There are many types of pool lights on the market including incandescent, halogen, LED, and fiber optic. Each have pros and cons but deliver the same result – take the time to research them.
  • Power Supply – Depending on the lights you purchase, they could be battery-operated or require a separate light source. We recommend a GFCI outlet for any lights that are not battery-operated.
  • Assembly – Make sure to assemble the lights according to the manufacturer’s instructions so your lights are fully waterproof. You don’t want water entering your brand new lights due to a lack of watertight seal.

Add to Your Landscape

Ultimately, your in-ground pool will become the focal point of your property.  However, this doesn’t mean you should skimp on the surrounding landscape.  Whether you want to perfect your lawn or curate the perfect set of furniture for the pool deck, it’s important to invest in your pool surroundings.  You’ll be happier for it – especially when your summer guests are over.

Get Creative with Design

An in-ground pool doesn’t have to take up a lot of square footage.  You can easily line up a rectangular pool to your home or take a more creative approach with a custom shape.  With the right design and seating arrangement, you can create a cozy pool space for you and your friends to hang out.  Now that’s a summer space we can get on board with.

Looking for more innovative ways to incorporate an in-ground pool into your property?  Give us a call at Blockco Pools.  Our pool experts enjoy walking through your needs and providing ideas to exceed your expectations.