Swimming pools come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including pools made out of fiberglass. Fiberglass pools have increasingly become the go-to choice for homeowners everywhere thanks to their good looks and easy-to-maintain profile. The following is a quick look at some of the more notable and fun facts about fiberglass pools that make them such a hot choice for those who want somewhere to cool off.

1. Installation Happens Faster Than All of Its Competitors

Fiberglass pools are perfect for those who want to transform their backyard fast because they can be installed within three weeks. In comparison, installing a vinyl liner pool can take closer to eight weeks and a concrete pool as much as six months. That’s a lot of waiting at the back door!

2. Maintaining Clear Water and Clean Walls Is a Breeze

Fiberglass pools feature a smooth, non-porous surface that works to effectively resist algae and other microorganisms. As such, owners of a fiberglass pool won’t have to use as many chemical treatments on it or other types of extensive cleaning. Fewer chemicals and bigger breaks between professional cleanings mean that fiberglass pool owners also get to enjoy the side benefit of reduced long-term maintenance-related costs. The only big maintenance task owners of fiberglass pools should be aware of is that they should run the pump eight to 12 times a day, according to Swimming Pool. This works to reduce any other types of debris that might linger in the water itself.

3. Saving Energy Is a Part of Its Design

Many homeowners avoid swimming pools because they are notorious energy-suckers, costing a lot of electricity to operate every month for pumping and heating to a comfortable water temperature. However, the smooth surface of fiberglass pools minimizes energy heat loss, especially when compared to traditional concrete pools, and keeps pools at comfortable temperatures for much longer. Just one more way in which the owner of a fiberglass pool gets to enjoy their investment without worrying about big upkeep costs.

Have you been searching for a new backyard pool addition? Fiberglass pools are a great choice for all the above reasons and more. Give one of our friendly service representatives a call today at BlockCo to learn more about the great benefits of fiberglass pools and get on the path of pool ownership today!