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Hot Tubs

Has work gotten you stressed to the max? Do you have muscles that ache? Back pain getting you down? Soaking in a Hot Tub is a proven natural remedy to help make you feel better. Stop by Blockco today to see the Hot Tubs we carry. We are sure we can find one to suit your needs.

Soak the stress away

Soaking in a Hot Tub, otherwise known as hydrotherapy, can be beneficial to your health in many ways. After only a few minutes, your blood vessels dilate, reducing your blood pressure. Soaking also provides buoyancy. This reduces the workload for your body and heart by 10%-20% causing your muscles to relax and temporarily relieving the pain. As your body begins to sweat, toxins are released. The heat and jet pressure raise the level of white blood cells to promote healing.

Health Benefits

Hydrotherapy is a natural way to help heal your body. By raising your body temperature, your blood vessels dilate and therefore increase circulation. Buoyancy relieves joint and muscle pressure. Your health can benefit in many ways when using a Hot Tub consistently. Such as:

  • Easing Back Pain
  • Promotion of Healing
  • Enhancing Sleep
  • Temporarily Relieves Pain
  • Relaxation of the Muscles
  • Helps to Control Diabetes
  • Aids in Reducing Weight
  • Assists in Easing Arthritis Pain
  • Athletic Benefits
  • Eases Stress
  • Detoxifies Your Body