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Are you tired of your cable bill growing at an astronomical rate? Maybe you are only able to get a few channels on your TV? Do you have a household full of major sports fans, but you’re missing out on many of your favorite team’s games? It sounds like DirecTV is the solution for you! Give us a call at Blockco today to hear about our packages. They start out at just $19.99!

Elevate Your TV Entertainment

DirecTV has more than 285 of your favorite channels and more than 195 of them are in full-time HD. You can watch TV live or On-Demand with our cutting edge technology. Experience TV like never before!

  • Get the latest blockbusters and TV shows on the screen of your choice; computer, tablet or phone. Many are available almost a month before they’re on Netflix.
  • Are you a major sports fan? You are in luck! DirecTV allows you to catch every minute of NFL, MLB, NBA or college ball games. Also, international sports, golf and tennis coverage. And it doesn’t stop there. The list goes on!
  • With the DirecTV phone app, you can use our voice feature to simply ask it about a show and it will bring up the information for you!


The Genie is here to grant you and you’re family’s every TV viewing wish! Just one Genie HD DVR is needed to watch live and recorded shows in every room. Only available from DirecTV, so don’t miss out on its many capabilities!

  • Record up to five shows at once
  • Most advance HD DVR system
  • Record up to 200 hours
  • Find your sports easier with the Genie Sports feature
  • View two shows on one screen with Genie’s Picture-in-Picture